Good News For University District Residents Who Don’t Like Being on Fire

Seattle police say the suspect in a series of arson fires in the University District has moved on to more flammable pastures in another state.

Seattle police and fire investigators had been called to the scene of at least four fires set around an apartment building at 41st and 11th NE between January and March, which caused nearly $50,000 in damage.

After the fourth fire in early March, SFD dispatched arson patrol units to the University District. If memory serves, there was one more small dumpster fire several weeks later.

At a community meeting last week, police said no more fires were set after their suspect moved out of state.

We’ve heard from a police source—as well as a neighbor who lives in one of the buildings targeted by the arsonist—that the suspect may have been a transient.

Let’s hope the cops are right about this one.