Reefer Madness

Hey, ya buncha squares! 56% of you told King5 you were into legalizing pot, but you totally didn’t come through.

The folks behind Initiative 1068—which would decriminalize pot in Washington—apparently haven’t received the support they were expecting, and haven’t been able to come up with the cash or the signatures they’ll need to get 1068 on the ballot.

From the

Supporters of Initiative 1068, which would legalize marijuana in Washington, are up in smoke at being dumped by an influential union and being treated as a “fringe issue” by the state Democratic Party.

“It was (bleeping) tacky after they danced with us for months,” said Philip Dawdy, I-1068 campaign coordinator.

The campaign learned, from an Associated Press reporter, that it would not be getting money from the Service Employees International Union and other wellsprings of cash for liberal causes in the Evergreen State.

But I-1068 backers vowed they will continue the quest for 241,153 valid voter signatures, needed by June 30 to put legalized pot on the November ballot. The campaign has over 110,000 signatures, but needs 320,000 to pass the signature check at the Secretary of State’s office.

What the campaign discovered, according to Dawdy, was that some organizations are still “scared” at being associated with the cause of legalizing cannabis, and that it is “still a real stigma.”