Sleeping Homeless Man Attacked Near International District

Seattle police are investigating a man’s claims that he was jumped by a group of men as he slept outside of a building near the International District last week.

According to the report, the victim—who is apparently homeless—was sleeping in a sleeping bag outside the old immigration building at 6th and S Weller around 1:00am on June 5th when a group of four men jumped him.

The men kicked the victim—who is in his 50s—in the groin and head, and tried to steal his backpack. The man fought off his attackers and managed to hang on to his pack.

The man was asleep when the assault began and didn’t get a good look at the suspects, the report says. The man did tell officers he believed three of the suspects were Asian and one man was black. All the men were in their mid-20s, he said.

Medics transported the man to an area hospital to treat him for injuries to his knee and back.