SPD Says Belltown Shooting Was “Premeditated.” Isn’t Solved

SPD has released the very brief report for last weekend’s fatal shooting in Belltown.

Officer Traverso and I responded to 21xx 2nd Ave in front of the [redacted] to assist Sgt. B. Kraus on a shooting incident. There were two people that had been shot.  Victim 1 was shot in the stomach area and was treated by SFD and taken to HMC. The second victim was shot in the head and was pronounced dead by SFD at the scene. That person was not identified at the time of this report. Officers secured the scene and located witnesses. Gang Unit unit arrived on the scene and assisted. Homicide and CSI responded and the scene and witnesses were turned over to them. Two possible suspects were detained and turned over to Homicide.

While the narrative doesn’t include any new information, the incident is listed as a “premeditated homicide,” implying this wasn’t just a spur of the moment shooting on a busy street corner. I think.

This conflicts with some of the things I’d heard about the shooting over the last week. I’ll look into this today and see if I can find out more.

Police won’t say whether they believe this homicide was premeditated or not—SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb says “the premeditation part comes into play during prosecution”—but the report says it was because this is actually the first time SPD has released a homicide report written in their janky newish computer system, S.P.I.D.E.R.—Seattle Police Information Dispatch Electronic Reporting.

“we haven’t really released homicide reports. This is a first.” Whitcomb says.

Homicide detectives are still scouring the Belltown area for cameras which might help identify suspects. “We don’t have a motive yet. We don’t know who did it yet,” Whitcomb says.