You Know What’d Look Totally Sweet On That iPhone 4 You Just Ordered?

The latest update of our app.

That’s right: as your one-stop shop for crime news, we’ve added yet another update to our awesome app so you can read full SPD reports from your phone.



Wait, what? You’re one of those chumps that doesn’t have our iPhone app yet? Well, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Lost Remote said about SeattleCrime:

The result is a slick user interface and timely data. (There were apparently two assaults within blocks of my office on Capitol Hill as I’m writing this. Maybe I’ll stay in for lunch today.) The crime reports on the app and the site come from the Seattle Fire Department’s 911 log (which automatically update), police reports, Spangenthal-Lee’s own reporting, and info from local blogs. Those reports now include contributions from users as the iPhone app has the ability to send reports to the site.

Best of all? FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE! We won’t be undersold!And yes, Android people, we’re working on it.