Troubled Queen Anne Nightclub Shuts Down

Lower Queen Anne should be a bit quieter after nightcliub plagued by gunfire and gang problems was forced to close last month.

Club Diamond, located right across the street from the Seattle Center, became the focus of much police attention after, department sources say, it became a hangout for gang members. Since Club Diamond opened late last year, police have responded to drive-bys, shootouts, and numerous other problems.

But it wasn’t problems with gangs that ultimately led Club Diamond to close.

The club has shut down because they owe rent,” says Bennett Tse, attorney for the property owner. “We pursued eviction action and they surrendered the property voluntarily.”

Tse says club shut down around May 9th after the property owners sued the club’s owners for approximately $200,000 in back rent.

According to Tse, criminal problems at and around the club didn’t play any part in the eviction. “We inform the club owner to have do whatever it needs to meet the police requirements, but we don’t involve ourselves in management of the club,” he says.

Tse says it’s possible the club’s space at 5th and Harrison could become a nightclub again, although between Club Diamond and Level 5—which also had its its own issues—it would be surprising if the city didn’t fight to keep another club out of that spot.