More Details on U-District Golf Club Stabbing + Proof That I’m Not Crazy

Remember when I told you someone was stabbed with a golf club in the University District?

So, yeah, about that:

When I heard the initial scanner report at 2:00 Friday morning, I could’ve sworn I heard “stabbed with golf club,” despite the fact that sounds crazy and physically impossible. I initially reported the incident as a stabbing, but an officer I spoke with at 2:30 in the morning while I was half-asleep assured me it was simply a golf club beating.

It turns out my ears are not so crazy.

Golf. Club. Stabbing.

A police report for the June 18th incident says police received a call around 2:00am about a group of people fighting at 52nd and University, and that someone in the melee “had a baton.”

When officers arrived on scene, they found the victim, who told police he had been “stabbed with a broken golf club.”

The man told officers the suspect hit him with a golf club “for no reason” and fled down the Ave.

The details in the report get all crazy and incomprehensible after that, but it doesn’t appear police made an arrest. Police did get the suspect’s name from witnesses, and he may work at a bar near the scene of the incident.