“They’re very smooth. They compliment you. They’re protectors. “

As gang and anti-crime team detectives squawked back and forth with the latest details of yesterday’s operation—pimp arrival times, possible suspect vehicles, etc—a young female officer who played a major role in Operation Fast Track sat in the back of a van, buffing her nails with an emery board.

The small, attractive young woman—who can understandably pass as a teenager—is one of a handful of female officers who work undercover posing as juveniles in prostitution operations.

We got to speak with her briefly about what it’s like going undercover for recruitment by a pimp. Police asked us not to identify her, so for the purposes of this post, we’ll call her Officer A.

In the last six months, Officer A has been recruited by pimps in Westlake Park, and up and down The Track.

According to the officer, prospective pimps would approach her on the street and ask “who I am and why I’m out there,” she says.  They’d tell her “I haven’t seen you before. I want to get to know you.”

“They’re very smooth. They compliment you. They’re protectors,” she says.

Inevitably, these pimps would ask Officer A if she already had “a man” or pimp, one of the many bits of “industry” lingo Officer A had to learn on the fly.

“I didn’t know what The Track meant,” she says. “I was asked to do half-and-half once”—a blowjob and then sex—“I didn’t know what that meant.” Nor did she know what pimps meant when they asked her about performing “Greek” and “Russian,” code for anal sex and tit fucking. 


When asked what it was like being recruited by a pimp, Officer A described the encounters as “awkward. Very awkward.”