Mad Rad’s Pact With the Devil Is Strong

City prosecutors have dropped charges against Gregory Smith, better known as Mad Rad rapper Terry Radjaw, after a cab driver who accused Smith and a female acquaintance of assaulting him on New Year’s Day decided not to participate in the case.

As we first reported in March, a cab driver picked Smith and his female acquaintance up on Capitol Hill in the early morning hours of January 1st and drove them to Smith’s home in Ravenna.

During the cab ride, police records say Smith and a female acquaintance, Krystina Borland, attempted to have sex in the back seat of the taxi. The driver pulled over, the report says, and Smith and his girlfriend got out of the cab and walked away without paying.

The cab driver later told police Smith tried to choke him and said Borland had pulled a knife during the altercation.

Smith’s case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning it could potentially be reopened later if the victim changed his mind and decided to pursue charges, although that seems unlikely at this point.