In Defense of Angie’s

The Seattle Weekly editor and dive bar aficionado Mike Seely has what may be the last word(s) on Angie’s, the controversial Columbia City bar which shut down earlier this month:

Owner Andy Lee’s bar is closed, but there are still two years left on its lease. So Lee, naturally, is looking for someone to assume that lease, which would presumably entail operating Angie’s, provided a liquor license can be secured.

Granted, one could get better odds on the Mariners winning this year’s World Series. But before Columbia City’s cadre of cacophonous Caucasians get their undies in a bunch, they should take a deep breath and consider how much longer Angie’s has been there than they have, and consider that it’s one of the neighborhood’s last hangouts that caters mainly to African-American tipplers.

They should also consider the character of the new owner, should one emerge. Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline has seen new life breathed into it since Dan Dyckman took over. Who’s to say Angie’s can’t undergo a similar transformation while retaining its shopworn charm?

What say you, Columbia City? Do you want another dive-y bar in the hood? I, for one, will miss watching the, um, divey-ness of Angie’s from across the street at the Columbia City Alehouse.