More Details on Downtown Stabbing

Friday and Saturday night were pretty quiet in Belltown last weekend after SPD beefed up patrols, following several high-profile violent incidents in the neighborhood.

But after the club and bar crowds and extra police went home, it was business as usual in downtown Seattle.

At around 11:45pm on Sunday the 27th, officers were called to a Metro bus at 1st and Broad St after a stabbing victim got on the bus and fled after the driver contacted police.

Police found the man, who was with a friend, at 1st and Eagle, where he told officers he and his friend had been walking at 2nd and Pine when they’d gotten into a fight with group of women.

According to police, the group of women called the victim and his friend “faggots,” which of course led to a heated verbal exchange.

One of the women pushed the victim to the ground, the report says, and while he was getting up, another woman—described as a “heavy set black female wearing red clothing and a black doo rag”— walked up behind him and stabbed him twice in the back.

The victim and his friend then ran to a Metro bus and asked the driver to take them to Swedish Hospital in Ballard.

Instead, the driver noticed that the victim’s clothes were soaked with blood, and called police.

We’re told the man initially fled from police because he may be on Department of Corrections supervision. Police say his injuries were not life-threatening.

Police were not able to find the suspects.