OK, headline aside, let’s get serious.

We can all agree that it’s super annoying when there’s a helicopter hovering over your house at 3:00am and, in recent weeks, a number of you have asked how SPD decides whether they need to call in King County’s Guardian One helicopter.

After police called out the chopper on Wednesday night to help search for a burglary suspect near 44th and Aurora, I contacted SPD to get y’all an answer.

According to SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson, SPD calls out Guardian One pretty much whenever they need help from the eye in the sky.

Jamieson says if police have a suspect on the run or think it’ll help to have an extra set of eyes equipped with FLIR (Forward-Looking InfraRed), SPD will request assistance from the county, even if it means disturbing your thousand-year slumber.

“Our primary focus is on catching the suspect,” Jameison says. “We will use tools that are available to us, and that’s how we view Guardian One. It’s an asset. It’s useful.”

So there you have it, folks. If you hear chopper sounds above your house, you can probably bet it’s for a good reason.