The Morning Blotter: More Details on Lake City Shooting

A police report on last Friday’s shooting in Lake City provides a few more details about what went down in the still-somewhat-mysterious incident.

Around 3:40pm on July 2nd, someone called police and said they’d heard “a man screaming as if he was being assaulted” near NE 140th and 30th Ave NE, in an area often referred to by police as “Little Beirut.”

The report says officers arrived on scene and found a man, dressed only in his underwear and a t-shirt, who “was bleeding profusely from the mouth and had multiple fresh contusions on his arms and legs.”

The man was also “noticeably out of breath” and incoherent, but told officers he’d been shot in the mouth. The report indicates the man did not have an obvious gunshot wound, but officers did find an “unusual mass on the roof of his mouth,” the report says.

The victim refused to answer officers’ questions about what had happened, but a witness told police they had heard a man and a woman arguing near the scene, and then heard a fight moments before a man fled the scene in a black vehicle.

Officers located a black rifle laying on the ground outside a house at the scene—police say it was a pellet rifle—and called in the SWAT team.

SWAT cleared the house, and turned the case over to homicide detectives.

So, yeah. Still mysterious and weird. We’ll see what else we can get police to tell us about this bizarre incident.