Robber Stabbed Near Denny Park

A robbery near Belltown ended with a happy—or at least slightly satisfying ending—last week after police arrested one of the robbers and a victim stabbed another.

Around 1:30am on Saturday, July 3rd a woman walked out onto the street at 7th and Bell to smoke a cigarette when a man grabbed her by the arms and started pushing her. The woman tried to get away, but the man wouldn’t let her go.

The man then grabbed the woman by her throat, shoved her, held her up against a wall by her neck, and started rifling through her pockets, grabbing her money and keys. The victim told police she’d just gotten paid that day and had around $900 in her pockets.

Another person got involved in the altercation—apparently trying to defend the woman—and was also attacked.

During the incident, another male suspect also jumped in and attacked one of the victims, who pulled out a switch blade and stabbed one of the men, who grabbed a bundle of money off the ground and ran off.

Police arrived on scene and found both victims with “blood streaming down their noses and mouths,” the police report says.

Officers recovered bloody hundred dollar bills, which were laying on the ground, and booked one of the suspects into the King County Jail.

SPD recently expanded patrols in the Belltown area on Friday and Saturday nights, so that’s clearly working out.