Prosecutors Allege Con Man Bilked UW Student, Faked Own Kidnapping

A convicted con man accused of wooing and then bilking a University of Washington graduate student has been charged with a variety of financial crimes considered to be domestic violence.

More than two years after the alleged events, King County prosecutors have accused Matthew Alan Clark of using an elaborate series of lies to live off of the Korean visiting student for nearly a year.

[Police say] Clark — previously convicted of selling his mother’s leased BMW to an unsuspecting buyer — was able to convince the woman that government agents were prepared to kill them, and that they’d become legally married after she filed for a “green card.”

He went so far…as to skip out on their wedding ceremony by faking his own kidnapping. At the time, according to charging documents, he was actually in Las Vegas spending money the woman’s parents had sent him to pay for their wedding.