The Morning Blotter: Dogs and Guns Are Directly Responsible for All the Evil In the World

One man pulled a gun in a doggie-related dispute in Lake City last week, police say.

Around 12:30pm on July 23rd, a man was in front of his apartment building on 143rd and 30th NE, walking his dog, when he got into an argument with a woman out in the building’s parking lot.

“The female’s dog was running around and was bothering his dog,” the report says. “Because words were exchanged between [the victim] and the female, she called her boyfriend about it.”

The woman’s boyfriend pulled up to the building in a red and white Chevy pickup truck, cocked a gun, and got out to confront the victim.

During the encounter, the report says, the woman’s boyfriend waived his gun around and told the victim “that he would shoot,” before he told the victim to “go inside.”

Some time after the dog-driven dispute, the victim somehow got the suspect’s phone number from the suspect’s girlfriend and called him in an effort to “try to make peace.” 

The two men “almost made up” and agreed the altercation had gotten out of hand, the report says, but at the end of the conversation the suspect told the victim to “watch his back.”

The man asked police not to contact the man, but later called 911 to report that he’d seen the suspect on Lake City.

In other news, we’d all be better off without dogs or guns.

Yes, I have cats. Why do you ask?