First Charges Filed In Operation Yellow Jacket

Prosecutors have filed the first—and possibly only—felony charges related to Operation Yellow Jacket, SPD’s investigation into an alleged theft ring connected to a taxi cab stand at 6th and Stewart, first reported here on

Prosecutors have charged cab driver Endalet Girma Konche, 33, with two counts of drug delivery and six counts of trafficking stolen goods after, police say, he repeatedly purchased Gucci wallets and sunglasses, bracelets, watches, necklaces, electric hair clippers, an iPod, scarves, jeans, hats, a bottle of Calvin Klein perfume, a pair of shoes, and a “hip sack” from undercover detectives in downtown Seattle.

Although he allegedly purchased a number of high-priced items, police say Konche paid only $179 and traded an “eight-ball” of cocaine to the detectives for the supposedly stolen goods.

Police arrested Konche at his home on Capitol Hill on July 22nd. He was released from jail yesterday.

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