Colacurcio Strip Club Associate Files Suit

I don’t think I ever got to use a headline about stripping assets, which is slightly disappointing. Aaaaaaanyways.

[A]n unindicted owner of one of the clubs linked to the Seattle strip club magnate is going after his former business partners, claiming their shady dealings ruined his investment.

Filing a lawsuit in King County Superior Court, Phil McKibben, a co-owner of Honey’s strip club in Everett, claimed his business partners went so far as to demand he pay $145,000 to cover a payment to the federal government prompted by a plea agreements struck earlier this year.

McKibben belongs to the board of two corporations related to Honey’s. The club was slated for demolition after following guilty pleas by the other members of the board — identified in the lawsuit as Frank Colacurcio Jr., Frank Colacurcio Sr.’s nephew Leroy Richard Christiansen, longtime associate David Carl Ebert and Steven Michael Fueston, manager of a Tacoma club also closed through the plea.

Writing the court, McKibben’s attorney Kristine Costello argued that her client’s business partners’ “illegal and improper management and operation of Honey’s resulted in the signing and entry of the plea agreements.”