Robber Can’t Make Up His Mind

Criminals are a fickle and cowardly lot.

According to a police report released earlier this week, a man told police he was “walking home from the store” just before 11:30pm on August 7th when he walked by a man pacing on the corner of 21st AVe SW and SW Barton St.

As the victim walked past the man, he pulled out a black revolver and told the victim to empty his pockets.

The victim “asked if he was serious,” the report says, and the suspect put the gun away and said “he was just messing with him.”

When the victim resumed his stroll home, the suspect began walking with him. When the victim told the suspect “he had scared him to death,” the report says the suspect pulled out his gun again, and told the victim “good, because this is for real.”

The suspect took the victim’s wallet and cellphone and told him to walk back the way he had come. He also told the victim he would leave his wallet on the corner for him once he was done with it. However, when the victim walked back to the corner where he had been robbed, he wasn’t able to find his wallet.

The victim headed home and called police, who were unable to find the suspect.