The Morning Blotter: Worst Naval Battle Ever

A woman told police a group of boozy boaters attacked her and her companion during Seafair last week, according to a police report.

Around 5:00pm on August 7th, several officers from the South Precinct met with a state trooper on Mercer Island after a woman contacted the trooper about an assault on Lake Washington earlier that day.

The woman reported that she was on a boat “participating in Seafair festivities” near Seward Park when a “black and white 24 foot ski boat” floated by.

The woman told officers a group of people on the other boat then began throwing full cans of Coors light at the victim and her companions. The woman was hit in the hand, and was later treated by medics.

The police report says officers were able to identify the boat and its owner—who had apparently previously been stopped by police—but were not able to locate him.