The Monday Violent Crime Report

Here’s what’s going on with violent crime across the city (step your game up, Magnolia):


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Chain snatchings have been all the rage in the South Precinct as of late:

50XX BLOCK OF S BARTON PL Aug-10-2010 1418

On 08-10-2010 I was working uniformed and marked patrol as 2-Sam-32 in the
city of Seattle. At approximately 1256 hrs officers responded to a robbery
call at 50 S Barton St. V/ stated she had walked from the located at 92 Rainier Av
S. to the doctor's office. V/ stated she observed a black male in a
black shirt with blue jeans follow her from the area of the bus stop to the
doctor's office. V/ stated she entered the office and took a seat
for her appointment. V/ and W/ stated the suspect entered the
office and asked to use the phone. Staff at the office would not allow the
suspect to use the phone so he asked V/ to use her cell phone.
V/ declined, and the suspect left the building.
V/ and witnesses stated the suspect left and returned at least two
times before walking to the victim and snatching the necklace from around
her neck. V/ stated the suspect then ran out of the office and NB
on 50th Av S. V/ stated her necklace was 18k gold, about 16in in
length, and had a pink and gold "Buddha" pendant on it.
Officers conducted a thorough area check for the suspect with negative


38XX S Lyon CT 
On 8-10-2010 at approximately 1910 hours, I
responded to the report of a robbery at 39 AV S and S Lyon CT. The
victim's necklace was taken from around her neck. The suspect was
described as a black male, late teens, skinny, with a gray shirt and jeans.
I located the victim and some witnesses at 39 AV S and S Lyon CT. W/
and his friend were running when they saw the elderly victim knocked
to the ground and the suspect running away. The victim does not speak any
English. A witness was able to translate for her. She said that she was
leaving at 39 AV S and S Othello ST when she felt she was being
cased by the suspect. She followed another group of people that was also
leaving so that there would be safety in a group of people. When
they all got to S Lyon CT, the suspect ran up, knocked her to the ground,
and took the gold necklace from her neck. The suspect ran east on S Lyon
CT, then north on Rockery DR S. The victim described the suspect as a
black male, tall, thin, wearing a dark colored long sleeve shirt, and long
blue jeans shorts. The victim was not injured.
W/ said that he only saw the suspect from the back as he was running
away. He described the suspect as wearing a dark shirt, and long blue
jeans shorts, possibly east African (Ethiopian).
Third watch officers responded to the scene and drove the victim home.