Robbery Victim Decides Not to “Take the Bait”

From the SPD reports:

August 14th, 10:30pm

The victim was walking in the 500 blk Seneca St with the phone up at eye level when he saw 2 black males approaching him.

As they got to him he saw a hand from another black male reach out and grab his phone from his hand.

The suspect ran west on Seneca St. The two black maless that had been around looked at him and asked “Aren’t you going to run after him?”

The victim declined to take the bait and went to his hotel. He contacted Verizon to cancel his phone and get a replacement.

Was this a trick? Were the robbers trying to “bait” the victim into chasing them down? I haven’t seen any other reports that indicate criminals in downtown Seattle are setting up elaborate traps for their victims, but we’ll keep an eye out and report back if we find any other similar incidents.