The Morning Blotter: Woman Beaten, Stomped In Greenwood Parking Lot

A homeless woman was taken to the hospital with a serious head wound last week after she was assaulted by a group of three men in a parking lot.

According to a police report, around 3:45am on August 13th, officers were dispatched to a parking lot at 85th and Phinney Ave N for a report of an assault.

When officers arrived they found a woman laying on the ground in a pool of blood.

A witness at the scene told officers the female victim had been laying down in the bed of a truck parked in the lot—where the victim apparently lives—when three men in the lot began talking and yelling.

The victim got out of the truck, carrying a foot-long baseball bat, and confronted the three men.

One of the suspects took the bat from the woman and began hitting her with it, the report says. The group of men also punched the woman, and stomped on her head after knocking her to the ground, before they fled the scene.

One witness snapped cell phone photos of the suspects’ vehicles: a Chevy pickup with wood panels and a small four-door vehicle, which may have been a Toyota Corolla.

Another witness told officers some “guys from the boys club up the road got bored” and came to the parking lot to “bother” the woman. However, the witness could not provide police with information about the suspects.

Medics transported the victim to the hospital for treatment for a serious head wound.