More Details On One of This Week’s Shootings At Rainier and Henderson

You know it’s been a bad week when you’ve had more than one shooting at the same intersection.

Police were called out to this week’s first shooting at Rainier and Henderson around 9:40pm on August 16th after neighbors reported hearing 5-7 shots.

Witnesses told police a “black male in his 20’s about 5’6 to 5’7 wearing a red T-Shirt, black shorts and gloves” fired a handgun near Rainier and Henderson and fled.

Officers arrived on scene and found…

…several juvenile females, who were calm and laughing, told me that they heard the shots being fired, but didn’t see anything. A woman across the street…told me she was standing near the bus stop at that intersection when she observed two black males just to the south of her.

She described the two as black males in their 20’s, one had pulled his red T-shirt over his face and the other was wearing a white T-shirt.

The witness observed the black male with the red T-shirt over his face produce a handgun, point it towards the north east corner of Rainier Avenue South and South Henderson Street, where four black male juveniles were sitting on the railing, and start firing the handgun.

The witness ducked, so she did not see any other description of the suspects but did see them run off south on Rainier Avenue South.

I checked the area where the witness last saw the suspects, and found 7 .45 caliber shell casings in the street in front of the bus stop on Rainier Avenue South. 


I was notified by assisting Officers that they had three subjects detained in back of the near the 92 block of Rainier Avenue South. One of these subjects, victim had a bullet wound to his back. The victim was apparently grazed by a bullet, and was treated by the Seattle Fire Department at that location. The victim did not require hospitalization for this minor wound.

The other two subjects…stated that they were with the victim when a suspect started shooting at them. The subjects thought it was a drive-by shooting, and claimed to have no idea why anyone would shoot at them.

They stated that they started running after the shots were fired. It should be noted that subjects…were wearing a red T-shirt and white T-shirt, matching the description of the suspects involved.

The victim’s mother picked the injured boy up from the scene.

One day later, a 10-year-old boy was shot in the arm with his own gun. Police haven’t said whether the shootings are connected.