Charges Filed in Central District Market Armed Robbery

The King County prosecutor’s office Wednesday morning charged David William Groce, 21, with first-degree robbery in the Sunday night hold-up of a Central District market. According to the charging documents, video from the store’s security camera shows Groce walk up to the cash register area, pull a black pistol from his waistband, jump over the counter and grab the store’s owner, holding the gun to her head and demanding she open the register. The video, prosecutors say, shows Groce flee the store with around $120 in cash. The documents also reveal that another man appeared to assist Groce in the crime by standing outside the store and then attempting to distract the woman by asking her questions and yelling at her as Groce allegedly left the scene. The woman was able to identify Groce after he was apprehended by police later that night. The documents note that police found ammunition in the house where they say Groce fled to but were unable to find the gun they believe was used in the hold-up.