Burning Poo Part Deux: Pinehurt Loses Its Bathroom Privileges

Hey, Pinehurt (again, not a typo. This is the name you’ve earned and will now have to live with): the Seattle parks department wants you to know that you’ve lost your bathroom privileges.

Earlier this week, Seattlecrime reader Sarah tipped us that yet another port-a-potty at the Pinehurt Playfield was melted down into a puddle of blue, pooey goo.

Sarah also was on-scene for another port-a-potty fire at the park earlier this month, and provided us with pictures of the carnage.

Just to recap: that’s two torched port-a-potties in Pinehurt in about the last two weeks.

We hope you’re proud of yourself, Pinehurt, because Seattle parks department spokeswoman Dewey Potter says Pinehurt Playfield won’t be getting a third port-a-potty. “Most parks don’t have bathrooms,” Potter says.

So, Pinehurt, maybe next time you’ll think about it before you sacrifice another helpless port-a-potty to your dark god, the Yog-Sothoth.