More Evidence the City Really Is Getting Rid of Its Crime Prevention Coordinators

It appears the city is still planning to cut its Crime Prevention Coordinator positions next year, and is apparently preparing to farm out some of their duties to police officers and neighbors.

As we’ve previously written, the CPCs at each of the five precincts work with neighbors to secure their homes using CPTED, and also help organize block watches and the yearly Night Out, among other things. However, due to budget issues, the CPCs will likely be out of a job next year.

Last night, the city held a meeting at City Hall to give neighbors a 101 course on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). But we’ve also learned that this week, police officers from each of the precincts are also being trained in CPTED, presumably so they can take over for the CPCs when they’re given the boot.

We’ve repeatedly heard from sources within the department that police simply won’t have the time, the resources, or the desire to work with neighbors in the same capacity that the CPCs currently do. However, some city leaders, like Council Member Tim Burgess have expressed concern about the structure and viability of the CPC program.

Mayor Mike McGinn is expected to unveil his budget plan next month, which should include a list of proposed cuts within the police department. We’ll have to wait to find out whether the CPCs are in fact on the chopping block, but the fact that the city has already begun farming out their work doesn’t bode well for the program.