Homeless Man Charged For Thefts At Gas Stations


Charging William Edward Meserole with possession of stolen property earlier this month, prosecutors claim the 44-year-old Ballard resident was caught on camera lifting bags from cars at two Safeway gas stations on 15th Avenue Northwest.

In each of the May incidents, Meserole could be seen grabbing backpacks or purses from the cars while their drivers were paying for the gas, prosecutors contend.

“Meserole commented that he was down on his luck and lamented how ashamed his family was going to be of him,” a Seattle police detective investigating the case said. “(The officer) told Meserole being down on his luck does not give Meserole a right to victimize others. … Meserole said (the officer) was ‘absolutely right’ about him knowing he shouldn’t victimize people.

“Rather than raising any protests of innocence or confusion about the charges, Meserole simply asked (the officer), ‘Do you have any idea what I’ll be looking at for jail time for something like this?'”