Wanna See What a Really Old Flasher Looks Like?

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What the fuck?




From the King County Sheriff’s office:

The photo may not have the classic depth and clarity of an Ansell Adams……or the pose, timeless style, and use of color that is characteristic of Annie  Leibowitz……but this photo may be just enough to catch an exposer and public masturbator.

The incident in question occurred on Thursday, August 5th at O.O. Denny Park, 12400 block of Holmes Point Drive near Kenmore. 

Two women, ages 63 and 40, were at the park with their 11 year-old niece.  They saw the suspect watching them and fondling himself while his hands were in the pockets of his shorts.

One of the women called him out for his behavior and he promptly dropped his khaki shorts (and pretty much everything else he was wearing) and continued…… unabashed.

Enough was enough, so one of the victims took photographs of him.  But that didn’t stop him either.   It was only when they said they were calling the police that he went to his car (a blue Ford station wagon) and drove off.

Detectives theorize there are other victims in addition to the 11 year-old and the two women she was with.

If anyone recognizes the attached photo they are asked to call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311 (24 hours) or 9-1-1.

The first thing I noticed: that is one hairless old man. He looks like a filthy naked mole rat.

No word on whether he has any political ties to the Lemon Party (Google at your own risk).

Feel free to tell me how much you regret me/the Sheriff’s office/life in the comments.