Guns Are Bad, Mmmkay

Armed robberies seemed to be popular this week. Here are a few reports we came across today.

West Seattle:

Related date/time: Aug-25-2010 2219
On 08-25-10 I was working a two Officer marked patrol car with my partner,
Officer J. Ross #7578. At approximately 2118 hours, we were dispatched to
an armed robbery which had just occurred in the area of 11 AV SW and SW
Henderson ST.

We arrived and contacted the victim at his residence.

The victim stated he got off the bus in the area of 9 AV SW and SW Henderson
and was walking to his house at the above address when he was approached by
a male subject, who asked him for a cigarette.

The victim told him he did not have a cigarette. The male then asked him for money.
The victim told him he did not have any money.

The male then reached into his front waistband and produced a black
semi-automatic handgun and pointed it at him. The suspect then racked a
round into the chamber, and the victim gave him his backpack, wallet and cell

The male then took off running Northbound on 10 AV SW.

The victim described the suspect as a light skinned black or possibly
hispanic male, approximately 19 years old with a black goatee. The suspect
was about 5"01" tall, weighing 110 pounds. He was wearing a black doo rag
on his head, a black long sleeve T-shirt, blue jean shorts, and tennis

A K-9 unit was requested and responded to the area. The starting point for
the K-9 track was 10 AV SW and SW Barton, where pointed out to us
as where the robbery occurred. The K-9 tracked North and East through the
neighborhood, ending in the area of West Crest Park.

The report indicates the victim’s credit card was used at a Burien gas station not long after the robbery

On the Waterfront:

Related date/time: Aug-26-2010 2245
On 8/26/10 at approximately 2032 hours I was dispatched to investigate a
Robbery at Elliott Av and Western Av. Dispatch advised the victim was
robbed at gunpoint.

Upon arriving Officers contacted the victim...who informed Officers
that the suspect displayed a silver handgun.

The victim stated he had met the suspect (described as a black male,
6'2, thin build, dark complexion, clean cut, buzz cut, wearing a Grey
North Face jacket and blue jeans) in Westlake park and was hanging out with
him for a substantial amount of time.

The victim stated the suspect asked him if he knew where to buy weed
at which point the victim stated he would help the suspect find a dealer.

After searching for a while with no luck, the victim stated they headed
towards the waterfront where the suspect stated his girlfriend had weed and
they could smoke it together.

The victim stated he knew something was wrong when the suspect
began to walk underneath the viaduct where there was little too no light.

The victim stated...the suspect removed a silver handgun from his front
waistband and pressed it to the victim's right cheek while at the same time
stating "Give me everything you got, I'll shoot you, I'll shoot you."

The victim stated the suspect began to grab at this clothing attempting to
find his Ipod and wallet.

The victim stated the suspect removed his wallet from his front pants pocket,
pulled out $47 and then stated "Where's the rest of it, I know you had an Ipod."

After a few moments the victim stated the suspect got scared and fled N/B on Western Av,
leaving his wallet behind.

The victim stated he immediately called 911.

Officers conducted a thorough area search but did not locate the suspect.

And, of course, Pinehurt.

Related date/time: Aug-27-2010 1405

I responded to a robbery incident at 125[th and] 15 Av. NE.

The victim explained that he had just gotten off the bus at 125th and 15 Av. NE.

The victim said that a black male asked him for the time. He pulled his ipod earphones out of his
ears and responded that it was 1245.

The suspect then began to walk away southbound.

The suspect then turned back around and said, "Give me that I-pod!"

The victim shook his head no and started to walk [away].

 The suspect then said, "I'm sure you don't want this problem." As
the suspect said this he pulled up his jacket and shirt revealing to the
victim a black handgun in his waistband.

The victim could see the butt of a semi-automatic handgun that was in the suspects front waistband

The victim stated that he was afraid for his life so he started to go inside [a nearby business]
to call the police.

The suspect walked off southbound.

Several officers responded and did a thorough area check but were unable to
locate the suspect.