Police Arrest Two Men Involved In Large Brawl On Queen Anne

Several men were taken to the hospital after a big brawl on Queen Anne earlier this week.

Around 2am on Augst 31, officers responded to a restaurant located on 5th and Queen Anne Ave north after receiving a report of 12-20 people brawling in the business’s parking lot.

Police detained two men and the scene, and found a third man laying unconscious on the ground.

Witnesses told police the melee began inside the restaurant after several men got into a “verbal altercation,” according to a police report.

Several of the men involved in the conflict left the restaurant, and another group of men followed them.

When the group reached the parking lot, one of the suspects punched the victim, bloodying his nose.

“At this point a third group from the restaurant observed the disturbance and intervened,” the police report says.

The group of suspects then started yelling at the third group, and apparently attacked them as well.

During the incident, one of the men in the trouble-causing group fell down and hit his head, and was knocked out.

Two men were taken to Harborview, and a third man was treated at the scene. Police ultimately arrested two men in connection with the incident.