Seattle Cop Convicted of DUI

A Seattle police officer has been convicted of driving under the influence in Grays Harbor County.

Prosecutors say Zsolt Dornay handed his police identification with his driver’s license when he was stopped and later asked a State Patrol trooper, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Zsolt Dornay was arrested last year in Grays Harbor County and convicted Thursday.

Whether Dornay was implying a request for leniency when he handed his police identification with his license is subject to interpretation, Grays Harbor Deputy Prosecutor Gordon Wright said.

The minimum sentence Dornay could receive is one day in jail or 15 days of electronic home monitoring, Wright said. He also has to pay an $866 fine, attend a victim-impact panel, get an alcohol evaluation and possibly pay restitution for trooper’s time, according to prosecutors.