If We Can End Crime, We Can Totally Afford The Deep Bore Tunnel

Crime cost the city $200 million last year, says the PI.com:

The thousands of crimes committed in Seattle in 2009 – things like homicides, robberies and auto thefts – cost victims about $200 million, according to a report prepared for the City Council.

There were 40,000 crimes listed in the department’s performance report for last year. The Police Budget Overview breaks down the estimated direct cost per victim for each crime. Using inflation-adjusted figures from a 1996 National Institute of Justice Report, authorities figure, for example, that the 23 homicides had a cost of $4.7 million each, the 105 rapes at $140,000, down to $600 for each of the more than 25,000 instances of larceny.

The study also looked at police department funding in relation to overall operating expenses. Adjusted for inflation, Seattle’s operating budget in 2001 was $746 million. Police department spending that year was $187 million, the report said.

This year the city’s operating budget was $905 million; the amount spent on policing was almost $243 million – an increase of almost 30 percent from nine years ago.

So if we end crime, we should have enough money to pay for the cost overruns on a deep-bore tunnel, right?