Our Very First iPad Robbery Report

It took a few months, but we’ve finally come across a report for an iPad robbery.

According to a police report, a man was eating lunch in a restaurant on 23rd and Madison around 2pm on September 3rd when he made the mistake of setting his brand-new iPad on the counter.

Moments later, a black male, wearing a baseball cap and white jacket, grabbed the iPad “bumping [the victim] in the process.”

The victim grabbed for his iPad and tried to hold on, “but his hands were greasy so the suspect easily pulled the I-pad free,” the report says.

The suspect ran to a white Ford Explorer which fled westbound on Madison St.

The victim told police he believes that three or four other teens who were in the restaurant at the time of theft were involved as the box for his iPad—which he had also left sitting on the counter—was missing and didn’t believe the suspect had grabbed it in the incident.

Police were not able to locate the suspect(s).