Seattle Police Call In the Cavalry At Rainier and Henderson

In response to a rash of violence and growing number of community complaints about rampant crime, Seattle police say they are stepping up their presence at the troubled intersection of Rainier and Henderson in South Seattle, deploying more officers and setting up a temporary precinct in the area.

Rainier and Henderson has been plagued with crime for years.

Police sources and neighbors say the intersection has become a hotspot for crime—including robberies, assaults, and numerous shootings, and other gang-related violence—because of the numerous buses that go through the area, and close proximity to several high schools and the Rainier Beach Community Center.

“People hanging out there that don’t get along,” one police source says.

In August, three young men were shot in in the span of a week at Rainier and Henderson, which reignited neighbors’ calls for the city and police to clean up the intersection.

In response, police say they have diverted overtime funds to pay for additional patrols at Rainier and Henderson, and have also parked a “Mobile Precinct” in the area.

“We’re confident we’ll see an improvement,” says SPD Spokesman Sean Whitcomb. “We’re also looking for long term solution.”

Mayor Mike McGinn is scheduled to attend a town hall even to address neighbors’ concerns about Rainier and Henderson on September 30th.

More on this soon.