The Morning Blotter: Bigots Hurl Rocks, Epithets At Transgendered Woman On Capitol Hill

Seattle police are investigating another case of malicious harassment—Washington’s hate crime statute—after a group of men hurled epithets and rocks at a transgendered woman on Capitol Hill last week.

Police contacted a transgendered woman and her friend at Broadway and Union on September 2nd around 3:30am.

The victim told police “four suspects were trying to talk with [her] to hook up” and had complimented her on her legs when “the suspects realized that he was a male and not a female,” according to a police report.

The suspects began hurling insults at the transgendered woman, and shouted “show your pussy if you are a real girl.” The suspects then yelled “faggot, faggot, transexual,” the report says.

The victim and her friend walked down the block to avoid trouble, but as they were standing on the street, the four suspects walked by and threw rocks at them.

The victim and her friend weren’t injured.

The suspects took off, and officers weren’t able to find them, but police took several rocks as evidence.