Cyclist Shoved Off Bike Near Waterfront, Pulls Pepper Spray On Assailant

Usually Tom is on the bad-things-that-happen-to-cyclists beat, but today you get me.

Around 10:00pm on September 4th, police were called to meet a man who was shoved off his bike under the Alaskan Way viaduct.

The victim told police he was riding his bike southbound on Alaskan Way near Columbia St. when a man—who the victim apparently knew—approached him and pushed him off his bike.

the suspect picked up the victim’s bicycle and “threw it in the street,” and the victim pulled out pepper spray to defend himself.

The victim pepper sprayed the suspect—and also himself—and the suspect fled.

The victim picked his bike up, called 911, and rinsed pepper spray out of his eyes before police arrived.

It appears police were not able to make contact with the suspect.