Prince of Pot Prepares For Prison

Marc Emery — “Prince of Pot,” purported political prisoner and shameless self-promoter — will soon become Marc Emery, prison inmate.

When he faces a federal judge Friday in a Seattle courtroom, the Canadian marijuana seed dealer will almost certainly be sentenced to a five-year term in federal prison.

A plea agreement inked earlier this year to end the five-year-old prosecution guarantees as much. Should U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez impose another sentence, either Emery or the prosecution could pull out of the deal.

That practical certainty hasn’t stopped Emery from using Friday’s hearing to draw attention to two of his favorite causes — marijuana legalization, and himself.

Emery, a 12-time candidate for elected office in Canada and magazine publisher, spent millions of dollars gained through a mail-order seed business to advocate for marijuana law reform in Canada and the United States. After a lengthy extradition fight, Emery pleaded guilty earlier this year to drug crimes, which he described as “civil disobedience.”