Suspect In Belltown Killing Says He Was Assisting Man In Suicide

The 32-year-old man currently held on $1,000,000 bail for his alleged involvement in the fatal strangling of a man found behind a Belltown photography studio yesterday returned to the scene of the crime and told police his victim “wanted to commit suicide and asked for help,” according to police records.

As we first reported yesterday, the victim—a man believed to be in his 20s—was found behind several dumpsters at 9th and Virginia, apparently strangled to death. Police records say he had “prominent ligature furrow” on his neck caused by “ligature strangulation.”

While combed the scene—which is across the street from the West Precinct—a man approached officers and admitted to killing the victim.

The man showed police a “ligature” which appeared to match the victim’s wounds, and he was taken into custody.

The man has not yet been charged. The filing deadline for the case is September 16th.


because the victim wanted to commit suicide and asked for help.