The Morning Blotter: Man Sics Pitbull On Two At South Seattle Homeless Encampment

Seattle police arrested a man and a woman in South Seattle last week after the man allegedly sicced his pitbull on two people who stumbled into his homeless encampment.

Around 12:30pm on September 10th, police were called to Airport Way S and S Lucille St for a report of a dog attack.

Police found two victims being treated at the scene, who  told officers they were walking down Airport Way when they spotted a transient camp through a hole in some bushes.

As the victims walked through the bushes into the camp, a man with a pitbull approached them from behind and “demanded to know why they were there,” according to a police report.

The victims told the man they were just curious about the camp and said they would leave, but the man refused to let them pass and ordered his dog to “get them.”

The victims both suffered dog bites all over their arms, but were able to flee and call 911.

Police and an animal control officer entered the camp with weapons drawn and ordered the suspect to come out.

The man came out with his dog, which “was very aggressive pulling on its leash, rearing up on its hind legs, barking, growling and lunging at officers,” Officer Marsha Wilson wrote in her report.

As police tried to take the suspect into custody and round up the dog, a woman walked out of the  encampment, stepped in front of officers and tried to pull the dog away.

Police grabbed the woman and arrested her for obstruction. Police also arrested and booked the suspect into the King County Jail for assault, and turned the dog over to Animal Control.