Police Examining Possible Connection Between Mount Baker, Lake Sammamish Shootings

Seattle police are investigating a possible connection between last night’s fatal shooting at a Mount Baker apartment complex and a July gang-related shooting at Lake Sammamish State Park, which left two men dead and four others injured.

Sources tell Seattlecrime.com that around 3:00am this morning, two men walked up to the victim’s first floor apartment bedroom in the 2500 block of 29th Ave S and opened fire on the 18-year-old man through a window, striking him in the head.

Sources say the victim may have been targeted because one of his family members was involved in the Lake Sammamish incident, which involved members of the Asian Boyz crips-affiliated gang.

Seattle Police Department spokesman Sean Whitcomb confirms that police are following leads about connections between the two cases.

“There is a possibility this may be in some way connected,” says Whitcomb. “We are looking at every lead and we are not dismissing that as a possibility.”

It does not appear the 18-year-old victim was gang-affiliated, and only has a very minor criminal record. His Facebook page does include references to Steve Sok, who was fatally shot in Belltown in June following a confrontation with several Crips gang members.

We’ll have more info on this story as it develops.

Special thanks to Sable Verity.


UPDATE: Because some people have been asking in the comments why no other outlet is reporting this as a fatal shooting, we have re-confirmed that the 18-year-old victim died from multiple gunshot wounds.