The Morning Blotter: Another Light Rail Station Robbery

Officers on patrol near Franklin High School on September 13th spotted a bloodied man walking in the middle a small crowd near Martin Luther King Jr Way and Rainier Ave S around 4:00pm.

When officers stopped the man and asked about his injury, he told them he had been mugged at the nearby light rail station.

The man told police he was on the upper level of the light rail platform across from Franklin when a group of five or six men approached him.

One of the men in the group asked the victim if he “want[ed] to go heads up”

The victim tried to ignore them kept on walking, but one of the men in the group hit him in the back of the head.

The rest of the group joined in the beating, and snatched a backpack and gold necklace from the victim. The report indicates that the victim may have also had a friend with him, who was also injured in the incident.

The suspects fled, and a short time later, police came across the victim.

The victim told officers he didn’t know the group, but told police they had seen them hanging out at the Pedestrian bridge on Rainier Ave.

For the record, it seems like there might be a bit more to this incident. The victim didn’t want to pursue the matter with police, according to the report, and called a bunch of friends to come to the scene shortly after the robbery.

Not sure what that means—if it means anything at all—but feel free to hazard your own guesses in the comments.