State Liquor Officials Investigating Violence At Belltown Bar

Two sources tell that state liquor officials are investigating another violent incident at a Belltown bar, which could lead the state to suspend the bar’s license.

Since the V Bar Noodle Bar and Lounge opened its doors on 2nd and Lenora in August 2009, police say it has been site of several violent incidents.

Seattle police officers arrested V Bar’s owner in March after, according to SPD, she fired a gun at several men who had caused a disturbance in the bar.

In June, gang members allegedly gunned down 21-year-old Steve Sok outside the bar following a dispute.

While the bar has been on the police department’s radar for some time, sources say an incident earlier this month finally sparked an investigation by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

On September 9th, a police sergeant on patrol in Belltown noticed a large group of Asian men fighting outside the bar, according to SPD records.

The “large group of combatants” fled the scene as more officers arrived and, police records say, V-Bar employees “attempted to refuse officers entry into the bar.”

Bar staff also denied there was a fight in the bar, and “tried to physically block” officers from entering the business, according to police.

“Sgt. Kraus explained that there was a significant fight beginning and given the recent violence at that location, he was going to try and prevent any more homicides at the location,” Officer Chris Myers wrote in a police report.

Police records say an employee “denied any connection between V-Bar” and recent violence in Belltown and the bar’s owner came out and began to yell at police.

During the argument, a customer came out of the bar and told officers his friend had been knocked unconscious during the fight and was still inside the bar, laying on a couch.

Police found the injured victim who had “obvious swelling” and “multiple contusions” on his head.

“Employees tried to conceal [the victim]…and repeatedly denied that any assault or injury had taken place, delaying treatment for the unconscious victim,” Officer Myers wrote in his report.

Despite the bar owner’s claims that the fight did not start at V Bar, witnesses told police a fight had broken out inside the bar, and staff members had shoved the group involved in the fight—as well as innocent bystanders—towards the door.

Police confronted the bar’s owner, who apparently gave officers a fake name. Police were eventually able identify the woman from an ID card.

Police questioned the owner about her attempts to obstruct their investigation, but it appears officers did not arrest her.

The liquor board declined to comment on the current investigation which, according to several sources, could lead the state to issue a rare emergency license suspension.

We’ll have more on this as the investigation plays out.