Woman Sues Police For Failing to Arrest Man Who Confessed to Murders


Nearly three years to the day after [Tina] Nguyen was shot and her boyfriend killed at the Covington marijuana house, attorneys for the woman have filed a lawsuit claiming Seattle police were negligent when they failed to take Vo seriously when he arrived at the [South Precinct] the day he attacked Nguyen and her boyfriend in their Covington home.

“During the more than 48 hours between Mr. Vo’s first and unsuccessful attempt to turn himself in and confess to shooting and murdering one or two persons, and his second effort to turn himself in under the same confession, (Nguyen) was … slowly bleeding to death, suffering traumatic brain injury which may have been arrested, contained or minimized if she had received immediate medical care,” the woman’s attorneys said in the complaint, filed in King County Superior Court on Sept. 15.