The Morning Blotter: Police Arrest Man Who Flashed Gun In Pioneer Square

Stupid people with guns are what keep this site going. True story.

For example: On September 19th, Seattle police arrested a man with not one, but TWO guns, after he allegedly threatened a group of men in Pioneer Square.

Around 1:45am police were called to 1st and Main after a bartender apparently called 911 and said an “intoxicated man” was flashing a pistol.

The bar employee told officers that around 1:45am, he’d been closing up his bar when he saw a man approach another group of three men standing in a doorway on the street.

The man got into some sort of altercation with the group, walked off, and turned back towards the group, flashing a handgun in his waistband.

The bar employee called 911 to report the incident, and an officer on foot patrol in the area spotted the man, who may have been riding in a gray Mazda.

Officers approached the man with guns drawn, and ordered him out of the car.

police found two guns—which “were concealed in two ankle holsters, one on each leg,” according to a police report—and handcuffed the man.

While it’s not entirely clear from the report, it appears the man may have had some sort of gang connection. The report says he was wearing a vest covered in patches, and police asked him if he was a “founding member” of some sort of group. 

We’ll check with SPD and update on the man’s possible gang affiliation.