“They’re Qualified To Do This”*

It seems City Attorney Pete Holmes is finally making good on a campaign promise** to reexamine which law firms the city contracts with.

Seattle Times:

City Attorney Pete Holmes is proposing that the city’s long-standing annual contract with Stafford Frey Cooper not be renewed at the end of the year. Under Holmes’ proposal, officers would be represented by the City Attorney’s Office and, in the more complex cases, including those stemming from an officer’s use of deadly force, outside counsel would be hired through a competitive bidding process, said Darby DuComb, Holmes’ chief of staff.

The move, which the City Attorney’s Office said would save Seattle an estimated $1 million annually, has been met with strong opposition by the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild, as well as the law firm, which stands to lose millions.

Stafford Frey Cooper handles about 30 cases each year for the city, at an hourly billing of about $275. The City Attorney’s Office rate is $100 per hour, according to the city.

*Best endorsement ever, courtesy of Council Member Sally Bagshaw.

**(At least I think this was a campaign promise, although it’s entirely possible I dreamed it)