Morning Blotter: Robbers Force Their Way Into Man’s Apartment In South Seattle

Seattle police are investigating a home invasion in South Seattle after a man was beaten and robbed in his apartment on September 27th.

As the victim arrived at his apartment building at 42nd Ave S and S. Brandon after work, two men—who had been standing outside the building—followed him in.

The victim “did not think anything of this as it is a common practice at this building, especially when people forget or lose their keys,” the police report says.

When the victim opened the door to his apartment, the two suspects forced their way in behind the victim and attacked him.

The suspects punched and kicked the man and took $600 from his pockets.

The man told police he had just gotten paid.

The victim told officers he followed the suspects as ran they out of his apartment, and saw them climb into a gold van, which sped off.

The victim only sustained minor injuries in the attack.