The Naked Man and the Sea

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A 26-year-old man is facing theft charges after he stripped naked and tried to make off with a boat from a Lake Union rowing club last week.

On September 29th, a woman living on a sailboat in Fremont called SPD’s harbor patrol unit around 6:30pm and reported that a man had just tried to “sink one boat” and steal a second from the Lake Washington Rower’s Club, according to a police report.


The woman told police the suspect was “naked and drifting with the currents.”

The witness told police the man first attempted to steal a large row boat, but realized it was chained to the dock.

“He abandoned his effort in stealing this very expensive boat and directed his [attentions toward] stealing a small [motorized] pontoon boat,” worth about $2500, Officer Kevin Stewart wrote in his report.

“At some point, the suspect took all his clothes off, untied the boat from its mooring and pushed off,” the report says. “He was now naked on the boat drifting away from shore.”

The witness told police “the suspect’s nakedness, and his behavior—including the act of stealing a boat—alarmed her,” Officer Stewart wrote.

The witness became even more alarmed, the report says, when the naked man’s boat began drifting toward her sailboat.

She jumped ship out of concern for her own safety, the report says, and fled down a dock.

The suspect “eventually grabbed a hold of a dock pole near the [witness’s] sail boat and held on to this, still standing on the boat he had just stolen, still naked to the world,” Officer Stewart wrote.

Harbor patrol arrived at the scene and found the naked man sitting on the edge of the dock. He had apparently abandoned his stolen watercraft, which was found floating nearby.

Police rounded up the boat and returned it to the dock, where they arrested the man for indecent exposure and investigation of theft.

The report notes that the suspect “has previous criminal convictions, supporting the fact that he has been determined to be competent in the past.”

Court records indicate the man has previous cases for assault, malicious mischief, trespassing, an property destruction.

He is currently being held at the King County Jail on $10,000 bail awaiting charges.