Firearms Review Board Submits Review of John Williams Shooting to Police Chief

SPD’s Firearms Review Board has submitted the findings of their investigation to SPD Chief John Diaz for review.

From their release:

The Firearms Review Board that was convened in regards to the officer involved shooting at Boren Avenue and Howell Street on August 30th concluded its hearing yesterday evening.  

The confidential preliminary findings have been presented to Chief John Diaz.  Per Department Policy – and to support the integrity of the upcoming King County Inquest – the Department will not comment on any findings or recommendations.  

The Firearms Review Board will reconvene following the evaluation of criminal liability by the Inquest jury and King County Prosecutor.  

Officer Ian Birk will remain on administrative leave.

For more information on the Inquest process please click here.

It’ll still be a bit til we find out the ultimate fate of Officer Ian Birk.