Former Deputy Mayor Charged With Hit and Run

Former Deputy Mayor Tim “The Shark” Ceis is facing hit and run charges after he allegedly left the scene of an accident in downtown Seattle in May.

Sources say a witness called police just before 6:00pm on May 28th, and reported that an Infiniti had struck a scooter parked at 1st and Cherry and driven off.

The witness apparently got the plate of the vehicle as it fled, and police determined it was registered to Ceis.

Sources tell us Ceis claimed he left a business card at the scene of the accident. However, several witnesses apparently disputed Ceis’s version of events.

Ceis, who is now a consultant with CBE Strategic, is scheduled to appear in court on October 26th.

According to the city attorney’s office, the maximum penalty for “Unattended hit and run,” a gross misdemeanor, is a $5,000 and one year in jail.